Mill Wax Pinball Cleaner Polish


Keep your pinball playfield in pristine condition. Mill Wax’s all-in-one wax and cleaner is just what you need! It effortlessly removes film, stains and oxidation without any unwanted scratching.


Protect your investment with Mill Wax pinball playfield wax and cleane. It’s a one-step wax that removes film, stains and oxidation without abrasive scratching.

Looking for a quick and easy way to remove film, stains and oxidation from your pinball’s play-field? One Step Wax and Polish is the perfect solution. It leaves a protective wax layer that protects your pinball against wear and tear. It buffs out to a high-gloss shine. Proven performance and trusted by operators and collectors since 1976. Give your pinball the love it deserves with One Step Wax and Polish.

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Using Mill Wax:

  • Do not pour Mill Wax directly on the play-field. Apply Mill Wax directly to a clean cloth or cheesecloth patches such as Mill Wipes Cleaning and Polishing Patches. Scrub your play-field in a circular motion reapplying wax to the cloth as needed.
  • Mill Wipes Cleaning Patches are a tight weave, compact size square cleaning cloth. These special cleaning cloths allow you to get in places on the play-field that ordinary cloths can’t reach.
  • Mill Wax & Mill Wipes |
  • Change the Mill Wipes or your cloth frequently. This allows the cloths effectively remove the dirt and grime and not redistribute it.
  • Once clean, apply a fresh light coat of Mill Wax to the entire play-field and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  • Once dry, use a fresh clean Mill Wipe patch or soft cloth and buff out to a brilliant long-lasting shine. Wipe in a circular motion for best results. If you find Mill Wax on your bumper posts, plastics or tight places, use a dry toothbrush to clean them up.
  • Repeat this process frequently to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime. This will lay down a protective coat of wax that will both protect and extend the life of your play-field. Certainly, this will make your game play better.

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