Video Arcade Game Machine Cabinet Parts and Accessories

Parts and accessories for all video arcade game machine cabinets for sale including door locks, coin door parts, t-molding, adjustable feet and more. Replacing video game cabinet parts is very easy and requires only simple tools. Many of these games have endured heavy use and the game cabinet always takes the brunt of the wear. The most requested part for games is keys. These arcade games came with many styles and numbers of keys and there is no way to know what key you need. Drilling out the lock and replacing it with a new lock and key is the only solution. We carry both standard and high security locks in several lengths to fit all game machines. Simply follow the link on how to drill out a lock in the lock description below for detailed instructions for this process. Outside of making sure the arcade game machine cabinet is clean and has good game image graphics, replacing the t-molding is one of the single most important things to do. Worn, missing and damaged cabinet molding will negatively impact the appearance of your game more than anything else. It is inexpensive and very easy to replace. The next item of importance is the coin door. Many of these older games have broken, damaged or missing door parts and replacing these will go along way in improving your games appearance. Many arcade game cabinets also have damaged and missing adjustable feet that prevents the game from being level and allows it to rock from side to side. Replacing these feet will keep your game level, off the floor and out of damaging moisture protecting your game and the floor.