Video Arcade Game Machine Electronic Parts

Electronic parts for sale for all video arcade game machines. These electrical parts are most commonly found to be defective on most coin operated game machines. These include lighting ballast, starters, lamps, battery holders, power plugs, power supplies, fuses and other electronic parts. Regular game machine maintenance involves the removal and replacement of many of these parts. Fortunately, these part tend to be economical and easy to replace. Light bulbs are a very common item that are very important to the overall appearance of the game. We carry a large selection of small incandescent light bulbs that are used in many arcade games. We also have tools to make the removal and replacement of these bulbs fast and easy. Our large selection of both fast and slow blow fuses are always commonly used in all arcade game machines. These must be replaced by the same type and with the same amperage that was used originally in the game. It is a good idea to check the correct amperage fuse for your game before replacing the one you have because many times previous owners may have used a different or incorrect fuse. If you replace it with a higher amperage than what the manufacturer recommends then a short can cause extensive damage to the machine, fire or worse. Using a smaller amperage fuse will cause frequent fuse changing and many game outages.