Arcade Game Machine Cleaners And Polish

Cleaners, polish and lubricants for sale for all pinball, video game and arcade game machines.

Each of these arcade game cleaners are made especially for the type of cleaning job they were designed to do. Using the correct cleaners and polish is important to prevent damage to the finish of the surface.

Our pinball cleaner/wax works well to clean play-fields, rubber and plastics while putting a protective wax shine to preserve and speed up game play.

The Novus plastic scratch removers and polish works well on pinball and video game plastics to remove fine scratches and restore the original appearance.

We carry special cleaners for pool table felt and billiard balls.

Our game machine lubricants include silicone oil, white grease and other special lubricating sprays that can be used in many applications. We carry micro fiber cloths that are ideal for cleaning and polishing any game surface. These reusable cloths can be washed and used again and again.

The cheese cloth patches can be used to wipe away dirt and grime and then thrown away. They are great for greasy and dirty jobs that you do not want to use your good cloths on. The cloth patches are ideal for pinball play field and foosball rod cleaning.