Video Game Machine Parts and Accessories

Complete line of video arcade game machine parts and accessories for sale; including power supplies, joysticks, control buttons and other video game parts.

We specialize in Pacman, Ms Pacman and Galaga video game parts. If you are looking for a specific part for these games, we have them. Even the specific cabinet graphics are available. This allows you to restore your classic game cabinet so that it looks like new. These new cabinet graphic overlays, header bezel plastics and vinyl control panel overlays are easy to install. It will allow your games to have that completely refurbished appearance.

Many game machine operator manual copies are available. Replacement LCD monitors, electronic parts, used cabinet parts, tools, cleaners and polishes are also available.

Repair and maintenance on video games is not difficult for minor non-electronic problems. Each video arcade machine is made up of four main components. The display monitor, power supply, CPU or computer board and the controls.

You can determine if you game has a monitor problem easily by gaming up the game and listening for sounds. If you hear the game playing but have no picture, you know there is a problem with the monitor. Monitor repair is more complicated and should be done by a qualified person.

If you have no picture and there is no sound of the game playing; you probably have a power supply problem. With a multi-tester or volt meter you can easily check the power supply terminals for proper voltages. Check for the 110 VAC coming into the power supply and the +5, +12 and other voltages coming out of it. If the 110 VAC is not coming in, you have a problem with the plug, cord or have a bad fuse or fuses. Absence of voltages coming out of the power supply indicates that it is bad and it is best to replace it.

If you have a picture but the game has uncommon images or will not play correctly; you probably have a bad CPU or computer board. Check the connectors to be sure they are clean and re-seat any electronic chips that are in sockets. Be careful not to bend over any legs. If this does not correct it, then you need to find a replacement board or find someone who can repair it.

Control problems are the easiest problems to fix. They are usually made up of broken wires, bad switches or worn out components. These are visually detectable and easily replaced.