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Outdoor Water Proof Air Hockey Tables

The Shark and Skate outdoor weather proof air hockey tables allow you to play outside on your own water resistant air hockey table. These games are the first of their kind available and can take direct pouring rain storms with no ill effect. It is all possible by using unique materials and construction techniques to channel water from the bottom of the playfield and out the side of the cabinet. Use these outdoor air hockey tables on your patio, by the pool or anywhere. No need to worry about water or the elements. Check out the snowed-in air hockey pictures. These new water proof air hockey tables will change the industry and they are the most beautiful tables you have ever seen. They light up and flash like a Christmas display. You won't believe it unless you see it. So check out the pictures and video below.

Two models are available including The Shark that features traditional game play on a flat play surface and The Skate air hockey table that features a unique curved shape playfield to add a new twist and excitement to the game. Both are commercial coin operated air hockey tables that can be set for free play if needed.

Shark Weatherproof Outdoor Air Hockey Table

shark outdoor air hockey table

Features of the Shark outdoor air hockey table include:

Skate Weatherproof Outdoor Air Hockey Table

skate outdoor air hockey game table

The Skate air hockey table has the first curved surface playfield that is completely weather-proof. This uniquely fun outdoor air hockey table adds a new dimension to air hockey and is reminiscent of the roller derby rink. Use this air hockey table on your patio, by the pool or anywhere. No need to worry about water or the elements.

Features of this great curved play surface/outdoor air hockey table include:

water proof air hockey table snow proof air hockey Yes, that is a shower head spraying water onto the top and water running out the side of the air hockey table.
weather proof table corner outdoor air hockey table end weatherproof air hockey top outdoor air hockey table at night The most beautiful air hockey tables.

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