Commercial Home Air Hockey Tables - Arcade Style Fun

The design of the commercial air hockey tables is for installation in any room in your home, where you can play home games on a commercial-grade table. You don’t need to connect these tables to the coin operation to function.

Commercial home air hockey tables are available in 7 and 8-foot sizes.

These games usually feature multiple scoring methods, including manual, automatic, side, or overhead.

The bead-scoring game table feature greatly reduced pricing and allows you to quickly play your next big game.

Manual scoring is easy to set up and operate and is adaptable to work just right for you.

When selecting a new air hockey table, make sure to buy the largest size that fits in your available space. This will ensure maximum playing enjoyment.

These commercial-grade air hockey tables are perfect for youth clubs, civic organizations and churches. They are also perfect for the family game room and any place a commercial-grade air hockey table is needed.

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