Skate Coin Operated Weatherproof Outdoor Air Hockey Table

This uniquely fun, completely weather-proof outdoor air hockey table adds a new dimension to air hockey and is reminiscent of the roller derby rink.


Looking to add a touch of fun to your outdoor entertainment? Check out the Skate Coin Operated Weatherproof Outdoor Air Hockey Table. With its innovative curved surface, this table is perfect for enjoying hours of fun in the sun – without worrying about water damage or other weather-related issues.

Note, our award-winning design features the first curved play surface!

  • 100% water and weatherproof. Moreover, this table can be used both indoors and outdoors!
  • Bright, colorful cabinet graphics with a skating theme! Ultraviolet (Black Light) Under Table Lighting and attractive color-changing LED lights surrounding the play field!
  • Certainly, voice and sound effects add to the fun! Easy installation and setup! Changeable game price, duration, and other settings make this table perfect for any event! Electronic coin slot with up to 6 different coins or tokens! Also, You can set it for free play.
  • Specifications: 94″ Length, 50″ Width, 32″ Height, 510 lbs. Call us for a shipping quote. To place an order call us at (985)845-7146.
  • Skate Coin Operated Weatherproof Outdoor Air Hockey Table price $4,695.00 plus shipping and handling.

Video of Skate weather-proof air hockey table in action.

Additional information

Weight 650 lbs


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