Outdoor Air Hockey Tables For Weather Proof Fun

Outdoor air hockey tables allow you to play anywhere on your own truly water-resistant air hockey table.

These outdoor air hockey tables are the first of their kind. These game tables can take direct pouring rainstorms with no ill effect. It is all possible by using unique materials and construction techniques. This allows water to channel from the bottom of the playfield and out the side of the cabinet.

Use these outdoor air hockey tables on your patio, by the pool or anywhere. No need to worry about water or the elements. Check out the snowed-in air hockey pictures.

These new waterproof air hockey tables will change the industry and they are the most beautiful tables you have ever seen. They light up and flash like a Christmas display. You won’t believe it unless you see it.

Several models are available including conventional flat top tables and also unique curved shape play-field. These curved top air hockey tables add a new twist and excitement to the game. Both are commercial coin operated air hockey tables that can be set for free play if needed for the home game room.

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