Ultimate Bally Pinball Machine Test Card


Ultimate Bally Pinball Machine Test Card

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Ultimate Bally Pinball Machine Test Card is so easy to Use! The pinball test card plugs into the J2 connector of The Ultimate MPU Board. Setting the game select dip switch to Enhanced Diagnostics Mode activates the test.
Manual included. Individually labeled switches. No need to memorize anything. Improved Solenoid Test – One solenoid can be activated at a time. No more cycling through all solenoids just to test one! Improved Lamp Test – Allow you to activate one lamp at a time. Useful when you have a couple of lamps out that need to be repaired. Or you can active lamps by rows and columns. Improved Display Test – Any digit can be inserted in any display position. Troubleshooting bad digits on a display is now a snap! Only works with the Ultimate MPU Board. Made and assembled in the USA.

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