Bally / Stern Ultimate Pinball Machine MPU Board


Replacement Stern and Bally Ultimate MPU board for sale for early electronic pinball machines.

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Replacement Stern and Bally Ultimate MPU board for sale for early electronic pinball machines. This MPU board is an easy inexpensive way to get old Bally and Stern pinball machines working reliably again. These new electronic boards have all early Bally and Stern games preprogrammed in a single chip. That is over 90 Stern and Bally pinball games that can be selected with dip switches on the Ultimate MPU board. The most pinball games of any replacement board on the market.

Features of this Stern/Bally Ultimate pinball MPU board include:

Replaces the Stern MPU 200 series.
Only board to incorporate FREE PLAY mode for all Bally machines.
Low power memory chip with AA batteries for memory or optional Dallas DS1220 for memory that eliminates the need for AA batteries.
Remote battery holder with 12 inch cable connection.
New Over-voltage protection circuit.
New Auto-resetable fuse protection.
New On-board Self-test button.
Full static protection of on board IC’s.
Test points for all dip switches for easy testing.
One chip reset replaces the 16-component reset on your existing board.
On-board reset switch for easy reset without having to turn off the game.
On-board memory clear switch.
On-board power monitoring LED indicator.
Selectable clock setting for Stern MPU-200.
Automatic zero-crossing detector circuit – No Jumper required.
Easy to read instructions allowing you to have your machine up and running very quickly.
Half size board that fits on the same mounting rails. No modifications needed, click here to see.
A much improved built in diagnostic program that provides a burn in feature and enhanced troubleshooting with our ULTIMATE TEST CARD (order below).
All components labeled on the board for easy identification.
All IC’s are in machined sockets.
Test points that allow easy troubleshooting.
Schematic and manual included and available online. Email and phone support.
5 year Warranty for home or commercial use.
Replacement parts for sale or a flat rate repair available after warranty expires.
Made and assembled in the USA.

Works in all of the following Bally pinball games:

Baby Pac, Black Jack, Black Pyramid, BMX, Centaur, Centaur II, Cybernaut, Dolly Parton, Eight Ball, Eight Ball Deluxe, Eight Ball Deluxe Limited, Elektra, Embryon, Evil Knievel, Fathom, Fireball II, Fireball Classic, Flash Gordon, Freedom, Frontier, Future Spa, Gold Ball, Grand Slam, Granny and the Gators, Harlem Globe Trotters, Hotdoggin’, Kiss, Kings of Steel, Lost World, Mata Hari, Medusa, Mr. & Ms Pacman, Mystic, Night Rider, Nitro Ground Shaker, Paragon, Playboy, Power Play, Rapid Fire, Rolling Stone, Silver Ball Mania, Six Million Dollar Man, Skate Ball, Space Invaders, Speakeasy 2&4 Player, Spectrum, Spy Hunter, Star Trek, Strikes and Spares, Super Sonic, Vector Viking, Voltan, X’s and O’s, Xenon.

Also works in all of the follow Stern games:

Ali, Big Game, Catacomb, Cheetah, Cosmic Princess, Dracula, Dragonfist, Flight 2000, Freefall, Galaxy, Hot Hand, Iron Maiden, Lazer Lord, Lectronamo, Lightning, Magic, Memory Lane, Meteor, Nine Ball, Nugent, Orbitor 1, Pinball, Quicksilver, Seawitch, Split Second, Star Gazer, Stars, Stingray, Trident, Viper, Wild Fyre.

Also works with these two new included games:

Sexy Girl, Big Ball Bowling.

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