Pinball Machine Repair Manuals

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Pinball machine repair manuals for sale covering service and maintenance on most pinball machines. These repair books cover all aspects of pinball machine service and maintenance.

They are a must have for any pinball machine owner or anyone who is thinking of buying one. You will find a wealth of valuable information and step-by-step help in these manuals.

Most books have a wealth of information on both electro-mechanical and electronic pinball machines.

Topics can include choosing and buying a pinball machine, information on different types and vintages of machines, components and features of pinball games, setup and game adjustment information, how to maintain, clean, and service games, setting machines for free play, troubleshooting problems and components, repairs you can do yourself with little knowledge, keeping the most important component; flippers “hot”, sources for parts, tools, schematics, game manuals, and professional repairs, and much more.