Wisconsin Badgers Game Room Accessories and Gifts with Logos

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Complete line of Wisconsin Badgers game room accessories and gifts for sale. They include:

  • lamps
  • billiard cloth
  • pool cues
  • pool balls
  • furniture
  • and more.

All of our game room accessories are made for both commercial and private use.

Game Room  Accessories

Looking to show your school spirit? For instance, a custom game room is a perfect way to do it. As a result, you and your friends will have a blast playing darts, pool, and more. Above all, you’ll be doing it all while representing your school.

To get started, equip your game room with a dartboard cabinet featuring your school logo. To clarify, every game room needs a dartboard!

Then, add some fun and entertainment with a pool table. Most importantly, accessorize yours with a Wisconsin Badgers pool table cloth or even a cover. Certainly, add a hanging light over your table. Of course, you can get one with your college logo for an extra touch of team spirit.

We have:

  • pool balls
  • pool cues
  • pool cue racks
  • Or maybe you just need a cue ball with your logo.

Gifts for your University of Wisconsin–Madison Grads or fans

Browse our Wisconsin Badgers game room accessories and gifts. You will find:

  • cocktail tables and stools
  • swag lamps
  • Tiffany-style table lamps
  • Our favorite, a round neon Wisconsin Badgers wall clock. These clocks are the perfect gift for a University of Wisconsin–Madison graduate or fan.

We are always ready to help.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll help you out. (985) 845-7146. We carry everything you need to get your pool game started, including balls, cues, and racks. Or maybe you just need a cue ball with your logo. Whichever way you choose to show your school pride, we’ve got you covered.