Illinois Fighting Illini Game Room Accessories and Gifts with Logos

We have a complete line of Illinois Fighting Illini game room accessories and gifts with the official school logos. They include lamps, billiard cloth, pool cues, pool balls, furniture and more.

Game Room Accessories

Brighten your life with a custom Illinois Fighting Illini game room. We have everything you need. Just think of how much fun you and your friends will have playing darts, pool, or arcade games.

If you are just starting your room a good first accessory is the Fighting Illini dart cabinet. All game rooms have to have a dartboard.

If you have a pool table you can make it special with a new billiard table cloth emblazoned with your school logo. Add pool cues, a pool cue rack, pool balls and pool table hanging lamp and you’ll have a real showplace. Best of all everyone will know what team you root for.

If you have space, other great additions are our cocktail tables, stools and lamps. We have beautiful Tiffany-style swag and table lamps with the Fighting Illini official logos on them.

Now for two really exciting Illinois Fighting Illini game room accessories: We sell a great arcade machine with lots of different games also with the official logo and a popcorn machine. This is a professional-type popcorn machine. The smell of fresh-popped corn will draw game players from all around.

Gifts for your grads

When you need a memorable gift for an Illinois graduate you are in the right place. Browse our collection. Our favorite gift is an Illinois Fighting Illini neon wall clock. Your recipient will always remember you for it.

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