North Carolina Tar Heels Game Room Accessories and Gifts with Logos

Complete line of North Carolina Tar Heels game room accessories and gifts with logos for sale. They include lamps, billiard cloth, pool cues, pool balls, furniture and more.

If you are a graduate or a fan, show your pride with a Tar Heels game room. We can help you because we have a University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Game Room accessories and gifts collection that includes high-quality, fun accessories. Everything in our collection includes the North Carolina Tar Heels official logo.

Game Room Accessories

If you don’t have a North Carolina Tar Heels Game Room yet start with a dartboard cabinet because all game rooms should have dartboards. The one we sell is a beautiful wood cabinet that displays the school logo. Just think of all the fun you and your guests will have playing darts.

Game rooms frequently have Pool tables. We can turn yours into a North Carolina Tar Heels table with our custom billiard table cloth. It is emblazoned with your school logo. You’ll also want pool balls, pool cues, a pool cue rack and a large pool table hanging lamp.

You might want to add some pub tables, stools and lighting because they will help your guests sit and stay. Check out our stained glass lighting fixtures. Favorites are our Tiffany-style lamps.

Now, here’s something everyone will enjoy. It’s a theatre-style popcorn popper. The smell of freshly popped corn will attract game players from all around.

Gifts for your graduates

Don’t forget your North Carolina graduates’ special occasions. They’ll love anything from our North Carolina Tar Heels Gifts collection. Our favorite is the North Carolina Tar Heels neon wall clock. The recipient of this present will remember for a lifetime.

We are here to help!

If you looking for something special for your North Carolina Tar Heels Game Room and you can’t find it, give us a call, (985) 845-7146. We will find it for you.