Eagle Vending Machine Cabinet Adapter Hopper Plate


Eagle vending machine cabinet adapter hopper plate in red color.

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Eagle Cabinet Gumball Vending Machine | moneymachines.comEagle vending machine cabinet adapter hopper plate in red color.

Eagle vending machine parts including vending wheels, plexi panels, coin mechanisms, locks, tops and more for all models of the Eagle cabinet gumball machines. Eagle vendors are modeled after the Oak Vista gumball machine and all Eagle parts will interchange with the Oak Vista model and visa versa. Eagle vending machines use the standard vendor assembly technique where a center rod is attached to a base plate with the lower body and coin mechanism assembly sliding down onto the base plate. The upper merchandise hopper and panels slide down over this and then the top with a screw in locking system. All parts slide in and out of each major component with minimum required tools. We have a large selection of vending wheels and brush plates to allow the vending of a wide variety of different candies, gums, toy capsules, nuts and other items in your Eagle bulk vendors. Whether you are a route operator with hundreds of machines, a collector of vendors or you just have one gumball machine in your home, we can supply all of your vending machine parts needs.

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