A & A Gumball Machine Replacement Parts for Global PN 95 and PM Elite

A & A Global PN95 and PM Elite gumball and candy vending machine parts for sale including globes, locks, coin mechanisms, tops and more.

Do you have an A & A Global PN95 or PM Elite for which you need parts? We can help. Check out our A & A Gumball Machine Parts page and you are certain to find just what you need.

We sell replacement domes, key mechanisms, replacement merchandise chutes, globe gaskets and globe tops. In addition, we have vending wheels, deep brush housings, gumball vending wheels, and much more.

Our suction feet are a great addition. They keep your machine in place during use.

We’re here to help!

If you are having trouble with a machine and can’t figure out how to fix it, or you would just like a little help, give us a call, (985) 845-7146. We have years of experience and would love to share our knowledge with you.