Air Hockey Table Information Page

Air hockey table information page containing information on the purchase, set up and care of your table and playing accessories. Important playing surface cleaning and polishing information that will extend the life of your table and provide the best in game play performance.

Cleaning and Polishing Your Air Hockey Table Top

Air Hockey Goalie Mallet Paddle Pusher Care and Replacement Information

Air Hockey Table Puck Replacement & Selection

Game Rules for Air Hockey

Air Hockey Support

A favorite of most game players is air hockey. They are frequently the centerpiece of game rooms. These air hockey players soon realize the value of quality equipment. They also develop an appreciation for maintenance. We can help you select just the right table and help you keep it in top playing condition. Take the guesswork out of these decisions, and let us help you.

At Money Machines, we have years of experience with air hockey tables. If you need help choosing a table or accessories we’re right here to help. If you need help with maintenance or repair, we are happy to share our knowledge with you. We have lots of air hockey table information to share so give us a call at (985) 845-7146.