Air Hockey Table Puck Replacement & Selection |

Air Hockey Table Puck Replacement & Selection

Puck Replacement and Selection Information that every Air Hockey Table owner needs to know. Air hockey pucks come in many sizes and weights. Each puck must be correctly matched to your size and style table. All commercial quality 7 and 8 foot air powered hockey tables use 3 1/4 inch pucks. While most 7 foot size tables use the full size 3 1/4 inch pucks, some use 2 1/2 inch pucks. Most 7 foot air hockey tables are designed for home game room use. All 6 foot and under air hockey tables use a 2 1/2 inch puck. Most of the 4 to 5 foot table top and free standing air hockey games for children use a special light weight 2 1/2″ puck. It is important to use these lighter weight pucks on these tables for free movement of the pucks. Air hockey pucks ride on a cushion of air that is blown up thru holes in the air hockey table’s top. If too heavy a puck is used on a smaller table, the puck will not glide around the play field easily. On the same token, if too light a puck is used on a larger air hockey table, the puck is much more likely to fly off of the table top.

For best performance and game play, pucks must be properly matched in size and weight to what your air hockey table was designed to use. If too heavy a puck or too large a puck is used on a smaller game table that has a smaller fan motor and minimum air flow, then the puck will not properly slide across the play field. If too light or too small size puck is used on a larger table with strong air flow through the play surface then you are likely to have the puck fly off the table with the possibility of hitting someone or something. Most pucks have a raised edge around the perimeter of the puck that captures the air blown up thru the play field. In order to properly trap the air blown up under it, this ridge must be completely flat and smooth so that the puck can ride on this cushion of air. If the puck gets chipped or nicked on this edge, the powered air will escape and the puck will not slide freely causing disappointingly slow game play.
Air hockey pucks are relatively inexpensive and they always find a way to disappear right when you want to play air hockey most. So replace your air hockey puck and buy a few spares just in case.

Some tips on keeping pucks riding smoothly on the play field surface include placing a piece of fine sand paper on a flat surface, grasp the puck and lightly sand each side so that it is smooth as possible. If the puck has nicks on the edges, you can often use a knife to scrape away the high points of the bottoms before sanding. Replace the puck once they become very uneven. You can spray a light coat of silicone spray lubricant into a clean rag and wipe the bottoms of the pucks and wipe the top of the air hockey table. This will clean and speed up game play, but be careful not to apply too much as the puck may tend to fly off the table more. You can also get special air hockey table cleaner & polish to help with your hockey table top maintenance. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle for proper application.