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Shelti Foosball Table Parts and Accessories

Complete line of parts and accessories for Shelti foosball tables for sale including genuine Shelti parts to keep your table performing its best. We carry shelti foosball balls, men, bearings, handles and more. Shelti even has a retro kit that converts their standard three man goalie foosball tables into a one man goalie table for that retro foosball game play. Shelti foosball men are available in red and black colors, are specially weighted & balanced and attach to 5/8" rods using a spiral pin. We carry the special spiral pin installation and removal tool that makes replacing these pins fast and easy. Shelti men have a specially designed foot to aid in ball control. Shelti foosball balls have a rough grip surface to stay in contact with the players longer for better control. We carry rod bumpers and both 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch rod bearings to fit Shelti Foos 100, 200, 315, 400, Pro Foos I, II and III foosball tables. These rod bearings are easy to replace and snap into the table cabinet.
black shelti foosball man Black Shelti foosball man is weighted and balanced for long, smooth operation. Fits all Shelti foosball tables and others using 5/8" diameter rods.
Black Shelti Foosball Man
Price $6.75

red shelti foosball man Red Shelti foosball man is weighted and balanced for long, smooth operation. Fits all Shelti foosball tables and others using 5/8" diameter rods.
Red Shelti Foosball Man
Price $6.75

shelti foosball parts - man spirol pinShelti Foosball Spirol Pin For Man
Shelti Foosball Spirol Pin For Man
Price $1.25

shelti pin punch tool Punch tool for installing and removing Shelti men spirol pins.
Shelti Spirol Pin Punch
Price $4.95

shelti 1 man goalie kit Shelti 1-Man Goalie Retrofit Kit. Convert your 3-man goalie foosball table into the classic 1-man style of the 70's. Kit comes complete with (4) Ramps, (4) Spirol Pins, (4) Bumpers and (4) Bumper Locks which replace the men.
Shelti 1-Man Goalie Retrofit Kit
Price $89.95 with free shipping and handling within the lower 48 states.


shelti foosball Shelti yellow grip foosball for all foosball tables. This ball allows better control than smooth surface balls.
Shelti Yellow Grip Foosball
Price $3.95

set of 4 shelti foosballs
Set of 4 Shelti Yellow Foosball Balls
Price $14.95

shelti short rod bearing 1 inch short rod bearing for Shelti Foos 100, 200 and Pro Foos I tables.
Shelti 1 Inch Short Rod Bearing
Price $3.95


shelti long rod bearing 1 1/2 inch long rod bearing for Shelti Foos 315, 400, Pro Foos II and Pro Foos III foosball tables.
Shelti 1 1/2 Inch Long Rod Bearing
Price $4.50


shelti rod bumper Shelti rubber rod bumper is specially recessed and fits all Shelti foosball tables.
Shelti Rubber Rod Bumper
Price $4.00


shelti wood handle Shelti wood handles have a hole for spiral pin attachment.
Shelti Wood Handle
Price $8.50

set of 8 shelti wood handles Set of 8 Shelti wood handles.
Set of 8 Shelti Wood Handles
Price $64.95

shelti foosball parts - handle spirol pinShelti wood handle spirol pin. Shorter pin for wood handle.
Shelti Foosball Spirol Pin For Handle
Price $1.25

rosin bag Rosin duster bag keeps players hands dry for a better grip for better control.
Rosin Bag
Price $4.95


foosball handle wrap Foosball handle wraps for all foosball tables. Provides secure positive grip. Super thin and tacky with an unmatched feel. Available in many colors. Select below.
Foosball Handle Wrap
Price $1.75

foosball maintenance kit Foosball maintenance kit contains everything needed to clean and lubricate your foosball table. Includes bottle of CP 100 playfield cleaner polish, mill wipes cheese cloth cleaning cloths, and bottle of silicone lubricant.
Foosball Maintenance Kit
Price $25.95


foosball rod silicone lubricant 2 oz bottle of silicone oil. Either work a drop or two into each bearing wall or better yet, saturate a clean cloth with the oil and wipe your table rods down with it to clean and re-oil them. A little goes a long way.
Bottle of Silicone Rod Lubricant
Price $6.95


Chrome metal beverage rack. Holds three drinks. Easy screw in placement (screws not included). Can be mounted on game, cabinet or wall.
Chrome Metal Beverage Rack
Price $19.95


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