Foosball Table Maintenance, Cleaning, Lubricating and Care

Proper foosball table maintenance, cleaning and lubricating can greatly extend the life of your table. Also, it will increase the enjoyment of playing foosball.

You should have silicon oil on hand to lubricate the bearings on your foosball table. We have several kinds from which to choose. We sell Fooseball Table Rod and Bearing Silicon oil and silicon oil made by Tornado. We also sell silicon spray and Super Lube. Super Lube is a multi-purpose synthetic oil with Syncolon. This is a dielectric, food-grade and clean oil for lubricating all types of parts and machinery.

You will also need cleaning supplies. We have cleaning kits, microfiber cloths and cheesecloth patches.

You will love our CP100 foosball table cleaner and polish. It cleans and polishes the dirtiest foosball tables. Tough on dirt and grime. It leaves a renewed and shimmering shine on greasy foosball table rods, players, play field, game cabinet and more.

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