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Redemption Ticket Dispensers & Tickets

Replacement ticket dispensers and redemption tickets for arcade game machines that dispense tickets for prize redemption. Included are a line of Deltronic ticket dispensers, redemption tickets by the pack or case, coin mechanisms and skee ball machine parts. Keeping spare parts for replacement will help you keep your ticket redemption games working properly all the time. These game machines can use up alot of tickets so you need to have plenty in stock. Our tickets come in cases of 60,000 and can be shipped anywhere in the US. Ticket dispensers get heavy use on these game machines and it is always wise to keep a couple of spares in case of failure. We sell only quality American made Deltronic Labs ticket dispensers for long service life.

deltronic labs dl1275 replacement ticket dispenser Ticket dispenser model DL-1275 by Deltronic Labs is a replacement ticket dispenser used in many arcade redemption games. This ticket dispenser is a continous feed dispenser that works in all ticket redemption games using continous feed dispensers with 4 pin amp type of connector. Features "Quick Release" face plate, Foolproof braking system, Metal ticket guide, Optical sensor dust cover, low voltage operations: only 12 V D.C., Solid state output enables interfacing with electronic games, compact and lightweight - only 3"W x 4"H x 51/2"L and 2 1/4 lbs. Validation "Diamond" mark identifies tickets that have been dispensed. Adjustable ticket stop.
Deltronic Labs Model DL-1275 Replacement Ticket Dispenser
Price $149.95

deltronic labs dl-480 replacement ticket dispenser deltronic labs dl-480 replacement ticket dispenser side view The DL-480 is a versatile ticket dispenser. It has both a 4 wire DL-1275 style input and a 6 pin DL4 style input. Each input can be independently configured to adjust the ticket payout.
The inputs can be configured to either multiply or divide the payout by a set factor, or to give a fixed quantity of tickets instead of the normal payout.
"Mercy tickets" can be dispensed by connecting the DL4 input to a coin switch. The DL-1275 input remains available to dispense earned tickets.
Each input and output can be individually configured to use standard or inverted polarity. This enables the DL-480 to replace most non-standard foreign dispensers.

DL-4-P-S and DL-4-S-S has been combined into one unit as a one pulse ticket dispenser.
The game pulses the dispenser once and one ticket is issued, freeing the game from counting ticket notches.
Quick Release face plate - "snap out" one ticket dispenser and immediately replace it with another in just seconds without tools.
No extra cabling required - "Plug and Play".
Easy access to front of rollers and ticket guides.
Bottom METAL ticket guide.
Foolproof braking system is easily adjustable.
Optical sensor dust cover reduces maintenance.
Validation "Diamond" mark identifies tickets.
Adjustable ticket stop and fully operator adjustable and versatile.
Field configurable to replace foreign dispensers that use inverted control signals.
Connect to a coin switch to give a "mercy ticket".
Works with games that use a lower voltage enable signal.
Field configurable security mode to disable ticket feed button for high-value applications. Replaces NC-100.
Can be field configured to replace: Adjuster 2AX, Adjuster 4AX, DL4-S-S, DL4-P-S, DL-1275, NC-100.
Compact and lightweight - 3"W x 4"H x 5 1/2"L, 2 1/4 lbs.

Deltronic Labs DL-480 Adjusting Ticket Dispenser
Price $149.95

blanking plate for ticket dispenser Blanking Plate for Ticket Dispenser. Now you can remove your ticket dispenser and cover the hole with an OEM blanking plate. Black painted metal blends in with equipment. Size: 5.32" x 5.07" x .20" . Easy installation. Bolts not included. Made in USA.
Blanking Plate for Ticket Dispenser
Price $14.95

pack of redemption tickets Pack of 2000 fan folded and numbered redemption tickets used in redemption games, ticket dispensers and other devices.
Pack of Redemption Tickets
Price $8.95

case of redemption tickets Case of 30 packs of 2000 fan folded and numbered redemption tickets used in redemption games, ticket dispensers and other devices. 60,000 tickets total. Call for special colors or quantity prices.
Case of 30 Packs of Redemption Tickets
Price $169.95

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