Case of 30 Packs of Redemption Tickets


Case of 30 packs of 2000 fan folded and numbered redemption tickets used in redemption games, ticket dispensers and other devices.


Replacement ticket dispensers and redemption tickets for arcade game machines that dispense tickets for prize redemption. Included are a line of Deltronic ticket dispensers, redemption tickets by the pack or case, coin mechanisms and skee ball machine parts. Keeping spare parts for replacement will help you keep your ticket redemption games working properly all the time. These game machines can use up alot of tickets so you need to have plenty in stock. Our tickets come in cases of 60,000 and can be shipped anywhere in the US. Ticket dispensers get heavy use on these game machines and it is always wise to keep a couple of spares in case of failure. We sell only quality American made Deltronic Labs ticket dispensers for long service life.

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Weight25 lbs


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