Tiger Crystal Billiard Cue Shaft Cleaner


Tiger Crystal shaft cleaner is the best billiard cue shaft cleaner you will ever use.


Tiger’s own Crystal shaft cleaner is the best shaft cleaner you will ever use. Just apply the Crystal Shaft Cleaner to a clean piece of cloth or Scotch Brite (3M). Hold the damp cloth or the Scotch Brite (3M) firmly to a turning shaft (lathe), moving gradually from one end to the other. Crystal Shaft Cleaner gets in to pores of the shaft and gets the dirt out. Repeat as many times as needed. Fine sand (if needed) then finish with S-4 shaft sealer. 4 Ounce bottle with applicator tip and complementary 3M Scotch Brite pad.

Maintain, clean, polish and condition your shaft with these specially made products and accessories designed for pool cue shafts. These cue shaft products keep the most important part of your pool stick in good shooting condition. Special cleaners, waxes and other products produce a perfectly smooth, clean and polished cue shaft for precise and true strokes. All of these products can be used together to get the best results.

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Weight.8 lbs

Green, Red


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