Jukebox Door Hydraulic Piston Support For Rowe, Rock-Ola & Other Jukeboxes


Rowe jukebox door hydraulic piston support, assists in holding up the front door lid on jukeboxes with weak and failing piston supports.


Piston Door Support for Rowe and other jukeboxes using piston supports. You will find that most of the Rowe and other jukebox door pistons lose their ability to hold up the main door on their own. This support guard snaps on piston rod to securely support the door.

This jukebox door hydraulic piston support assists in holding up the front door lid. It is not a replacement for the piston assembly, but is an accessory part to keep the door up on jukeboxes with weak and failing hydraulic piston supports. Used on most Rowe and other model record and CD  jukeboxes. You simply hold the door lid up and snap the piston support onto the chrome shaft of the piston assembly to hold up the existing door. The piston support must snap tightly on this rod and not over the piston cylinder. If the piston support is to long, simply cut it to the length of the chrome piston rod. View pictures for detail. You should use one piston support on each side of the jukebox door lid to ensure that the door lid will safely stay in the up position for you to work on.

Caution: Jukebox doors are heavy. Be sure you correctly clip the piston support completely onto and over the chrome piston rod. Use two piston supports and check their correct function before letting go of the jukebox front door lid.


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Weight .3 lbs


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