Jump Break Pool Cues

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Jump Break Pool Cues on sale at 15 to 20% off and are designed to hold up to the abuse of jumping and breaking pool balls.

The opening break shot is usually the most important shot in the game. As a result, a quality jump break cue will provide the power needed to get a clean break. Another benefit, you won’t damage your favorite playing cue. These cues are designed to be strong and rugged. The last thing you want to do is use your best pool cue to make the hardest hit in the game.

As your skill as a pool player increases, you will find yourself interested in learning how to do jump shots. Jump cues are rugged enough and designed to take the punishment of these shots. Jump pool cues can get you out of a tough position where you are blocked in. These cues feature a strengthened shaft with an extra-strong ferrule and hardened tip. Also, they can be broken down to fit in a standard cue case.

Don’t subject your prized pool cue to these extreme hits. Get yourself a specially designed jump break pool cue to perform these types of shots.