Proline Pool Table Felt

Proline pool table felt is for sale in 5 different pre-cut styles, up to 30 colors. It is a best value cloth. Included with each cloth purchase is a free box of matching cue chalk.

Proline is available in Speed, Match, Classic, Elite and Proform styles. Our Proline Classic pool table felt is our most popular style and comes in 30 different colors. Each is readily available and comes in 7, 8, 9 and 10 sizes. They have the rails and bed cloth precut for easy installation.

The Proline Match and Proline Classic cloth is available with standard non-treated or with Teflon treatment. Teflon treatment resistance spills and stains.

Each is also available in a complete pool table recovering kit. The kit contains everything needed to make re-felting your pool table an easy and enjoyable experience.