Great American Recreation Home Pool Tables

Great American Recreation Home Pool Tables are now available in a commercial quality home pool table. They are made especially for the family game room.

These non-coin-operated pool tables look and play just like the bar-style billiard tables found in lounges and taverns. They have the same materials and the same features as Great American’s commercial pool tables but without coin operation.

They are ideal for pool players who want a table at home that looks and plays just like the ones they play at their local watering hole. These pool tables are also ideal for larger organizations with heavy usage. As an example, they are great for youth centers, community centers, boys and girls clubs, or business employee break rooms. These tables feature a one-piece slate and come completely assembled with the exception of bolting on the legs.

These Great American Recreation home pool tables are built just like their coin-operated counterparts. They feature plywood cabinets and 3/4 inch one-piece slate. They have heavy-duty legs with large, 5″ diameter aluminum leg leveler feet. Also featured are aluminum trim, cabinet miters and chromed top apron corner panels.

You get consistent and long-lasting action due to the quality K-66 rubber cushions and cloth-backed felt. You can order each table with custom color cloth in 6 to 9-foot sizes.