Theater Pop Popcorn Machines

Theater pop popcorn machines produce that real commercial popcorn taste and are sized for the home theater but are designed for commercial use.

The Theater Pop Popcorn Machines are a #1 Seller. They feature both a warming deck to keep your popcorn hot all day and an “old maids” tray for easy cleaning.

Forget the other machines with plastic sides and top. The Theater Pop popcorn machines come with glass panels and a pair of plexiglass doors. Therefore they beat the competition for function and clean-ability.

The Theater Pop Popcorn Machine has a one-year warranty.

For added convenience and to complete the look of our popcorn machines, we sell popcorn popper carts. These popcorn popper carts are specially designed to work with Paragon Theater Pop poppers. As a result, you can cook and flavor delicious popcorn in one convenient area.

The whole cart is steel. As a result, you get long-lasting durability, They have a  powder-coat paint finish that elegantly displays the word “POPCORN”. The finish resists chipping for a sleek, flawless appearance.

A storage area makes it easy to keep extra supplies on hand. Best of all, for convenient transportation and storage, this cart easily collapses when needed.

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