How To Drill Out and Replace a Machine Lock

If you’ve lost your key to an arcade, vending, or another machine, don’t worry, you can drill out and replace the machine lock.

So, in order to keep all the machines secure from unauthorized access, you can use a wide variety of locks.

Each one is different and has a different key number.

If you can’t find the correct key, it’s almost impossible to unlock the door.

Don’t worry! You can change the lock.

Thus, the only solution is to drill out the old lock and replace it with a new lock and key.

Therefore, you will need these tools for replacing a machine lock: a hand drill, 1/8″ – 3/16″ drill bit, center punch, sturdy screwdriver,  hammer and pliers.

There are two common types of locks: standard flat, double-bit keys, and tubular round keys.

So, if you have a Tubular Round Key Lock use this: How To Replace A Tubular Round Key Lock.

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  1. Replacing A Two Bit Flat Key Lock

    Standard flat key type of lock.
    Replacing A Two Bit Flat Key Lock 1 |
    Line up the drill bit with the outside edge of one side of the key slot.
    It’s recommended that you drill a 1/4-inch deep hole in the slot of the cap.
    However, you could damage something behind the door if you drill too deeply.
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  2. After you drill the hole

    As a result, you should see metal and brass shavings emerge from the hole. The brass shavings are the locking keys within the lock that we need to remove. When done there should be a clean 1/4″ deep hole in the lock slot.
    Replacing A Two Bit Flat Key Lock 3 |

  3. Drill another hole.
    Now, go to the other side and drill another hole just as you did before.

  4. Connect the holes.

    When done, you have two clean holes 1/4″ deep. Next, drill at an angle in between the two holes. Next clean out the center of the slot going no more than 1/4″ deep.
    Replacing A Two Bit Flat Key Lock 5 |

  5. Now for the screwdriver to replace a machine lock

    Now, using the flat-head screwdriver, twist the lock counterclockwise to unlock the door.
    You’ll need to twist the screwdriver back and forth initially to help break the lock free.
    Make it easier for yourself by using a pair of pliers or vice grips to get better leverage.
    The next step is to drill the holes a little deeper or larger if it won’t break free. As a result, you will be able to get enough of the brass keys out to break the lock free. Be careful not to remove too much or you could damage the surrounding area.

  6. Done

    Finally, here the lock is out and the machine is ready for a new lock and key. If you have any problems trying to replace a machine lock, give us a call at (985) 845-7146.
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