How To Clean and Polish An Air Hockey Table

How do you clean and polish an air hockey table? Keeping your air hockey playing surface clean and waxed is essential to proper game play and long life.

  1. The first step in cleaning is to turn the air-powered fan on.

    You want to start the flow of air through the top before starting. As a result, you will keep dirt or liquid from causing damage and plugging the airflow holes. Great American Face Off Home Air Hockey Table With Electronic Side Scoring |

  2. Clean the table top.

    So, once the table blower is running, clean all areas of the playing surface with a dry microfiber or soft cotton cloth. This will remove any dust.

    Once the dust is removed get another clean cloth and lightly dampened it with alcohol or with a small amount of dish-washing detergent and water solution. Alcohol works well at cleaning and dries fast. Never use an abrasive or harsh cleaner as these can scratch and damage the surface.

    Wipe the table top all over taking care not to over wet it. Any blobs of dirt, spills or other foreign objects need to be carefully scraped off if needed. You want to get the entire surface as smooth and clean as possible. Next, go back over the table top with a cloth dampened with just water. Consequently, this should remove any detergent left on the surface.

    If there are any air holes that are plugged up, you can use a pin-vise with a small drill bit to open these holes back up. You could also use a piece of wire to open up the holes. Avoid tooth picks as they can break off inside the hole and be difficult to remove.

  3. Polish the table top.

    After the table top has dried and with the table fans still running, apply a small amount of quality air hockey table top polish. For example, Wildcat 125 is a good choice. Apply it with a clean, soft cloth. Use the wax sparingly to prevent it from getting into the air holes. Cover the entire surface of the table top. As it dries it will begin to turn white. Once completely dried just take another dry clean cloth and buff the table top out to a high gloss. Everything needed to properly clean and polish your air hockey table top can be purchased here.

  4. Pucks and pusher paddle bottoms

    Be sure to do the same thing to your pucks and pusher paddle bottoms. Make sure they are in good serviceable condition. In other words, If you have felt pads, check them for dirt and wear. If they are dirty or worn, replace them. If your pucks are pitted or dinged on the edges, use a piece of sand paper to smooth the bottoms flat again or replace.

  5. Play a game and see the improvement.

    For faster game play, try spraying a very light coat of pure silicone spray lubricant onto a clean cloth and buff out the top of the table. Consequently, you will really speed up your game play but this may cause pucks to fly off the table more often. Therefore, be very careful!

  6. Keep your table clean with minimum maintenance

    After you clean and polish an air hockey table you will want to keep it clean. To keep your table clean, cover it with a good air hockey table cover when not in use.

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