How To Choose and Replace Pool Table Pockets

Information on how to choose replacement pool table pockets, including pocket styles and mounting iron types. Leather pool table pockets are available with either #3 or #6 irons.

How do you tell which pool table pocket style you need? #6 pocket irons are the most common irons used today. They have a round post on each end of the iron that fit into the wood rail and a bolt screws into it from the bottom. Also available are #3 irons, which have a rectangle flange that sits on top of the rail and is held down with two bolts from the bottom. Both of these types of tables are known as “furniture” style tables. Most newer tables use #6 iron pockets and older or antique pool tables use #3 irons pool table pockets for those tables requiring top mount pockets. These are very high quality pockets featuring a beautiful antique brass or chrome plating on the irons. Also available are a pocket called a modern bucket used on ball return tables that return the ball to either end of the table. Also referred to as “modern” style tables, these tables can actually be either antique or modern style tables. In these antique style ball return tables, your pockets will need to have a gully boot attached to the bottom. Also, the inside trim, where the ball strikes, is generally deeper into the pocket to hide the fasteners used to attach the boot. If you have the modern style ball return table, you will only need a top liner, as the gully boot is built into the table. These pocket liners are available in plastic or leather. All styles of pockets are easily replaced by removing and replacing the pocket mounting iron bolts. Pocket nets are either stapled or brad nails are used to secure each end to the table frame. Pocket liners and buckets are also secured with brad nails on each side to the wood frame of the pool table. Use your old pocket as an example on how to reattach your new pockets and pocket accessories.

Please note: If your pool table is a really old table; older than 35-40 years old, these pockets will not fit your table because of inconsistencies in manufacturing pocket irons during these early years.