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Used Kiddie Rides and Coin Operated Kids Rides

Used kiddie rides and coin operated kids ride machines for sale and in very good operating condition. Our used coin operated kids rides are simple to operate and reliable devices that require little or no maintenance. Buying used kiddie rides allows you to get a kiddie ride for half the cost or less of a new ride. Kiddie rides are manufactured for commercial/industrial use with steel frames, machine grade electric motors and marine quality fiberglass bodies and bases for reliability and durability. Consequently, many kiddie rides from the 1940's & 1950's are still in operation today.

Used rides provide a better return on investment and are a good investment decision especially in today's economy. Kiddie rides will never go out of style and will continue to earn money for years to come. Each used kiddie ride has a 90 day parts warranty. There is a $399.00 flat rate shipping for rides shipped within the 48 lower states. All of our used kiddie rides are in very good working condition. They offer a great value for ride operators or provide low cost entertainment for kids at home or in small businesses.

used dino kiddie ride

Used Dino Dinosaur Ride
Price $1,995.00

used flintstone car kiddie ride

Used Flintstone Car Kiddie Ride
Price $1,995.00

used jet kiddie ride

Used Jet Airplane Kiddie Ride
Price $2,295.00

used bmw motorcycle kiddie ride

Used BMW Motorcycle Kiddie Ride
Price $2,495.00

used race car kiddie ride

Used Race Car Kiddie Ride
Price $1,395.00

used nascar kiddie ride

Used Nascar Race Car Kiddie Ride
Price $2,595.00

used jeep kiddie ride

Used Jeep Kiddie Ride
Price $2,295.00

used yellow truck kiddie ride

Used Yellow Trans Dakar Truck Kiddie Ride
Price $2,295.00

used model T car kiddie ride

Used Model T Car Kiddie Ride
Price $2,495.00

used train kiddie ride

Used Train Kiddie Ride
Price $2,395.00

used choo choo train kiddie ride

Used Choo Choo Train Kiddie Ride
Price $1,995.00

used submarine kiddie ride

Used Submarine Kiddie Ride
Price $2,195.00

used deep sea boat kiddie ride

Used Deep Sea Boat Kiddie Ride
Price $2,495.00

used whale kiddie ride

Used Whale Kiddie Ride
Price $2,495.00

used seal kiddie ride

Used Seal Kiddie Ride
Price $2,495.00

used dinosaur kiddie ride

Used Dinosaur Kiddie Ride
Price $2,395.00

used brontosaurus kiddie ride

Used Brontosaurus Kiddie Ride
Price $2,295.00

used elephant kiddie ride

Used Elephant Kiddie Ride
Price $1,995.00

used yellow horse kiddie ride

Used Yellow Horse Kiddie Ride
Price $2,295.00

used 2 horse kiddie ride

Used 2 Horse Kiddie Ride
Price $1,995.00

used blue carousel kiddie ride

Used Blue Carousel Kiddie Ride
Price $2,695.00

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