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Used Dart Game Machines - Arachnid Galaxy II

Used Arachnid Galaxy 2 and Galaxy 2.5 Dart machines for sale that are ideal for both commercial coin operation or home game room use. We have both Arachnid Galaxy 2 and Galaxy 2.5 dart games that are in very good working condition. These machines can be purchased with coin and bill operation for commercial use or set on free play for home game rooms. These dart machines use soft tip darts and are much safer than standard steel tip darts. We also have good used Valley SM dart game machines from time to time in very good working condition for businesses on a budget and home game rooms.

used arachnid galaxy 2 dart game machine

Used Arachnid Galaxy 2 Dart Game Machines

The Galaxy 2 on the left has a 13" CRT color monitor. Dimensions: Base 24"w x 24"d, Cabinet 24"w x 14"d x 86"h.

Used Arachnid Galaxy 2 Coin Op Dart Game Machine
Price $1,495.00 plus shipping and handling. Call for availability and shipping cost.

Used Arachnid Galaxy 2.5 Dart Game Machines

The Galaxy 2.5 is on the right and features a 19" flat screen monitor. It is ideal for commercial or home use. It contains all of the original Galaxy features and more! The Galaxy II.5 comes with a flashy 19" LCD monitor for easier viewing, and superb color graphics. The LCD can be mounted in the center or on top. It also has a whole new set of inventive "Speed Games" that are sure to add an exciting twist to the game of darts. In addition, the Galaxy II.5 has a newly redesigned "Impact Resistant" cabinet that gives the game a brand new "futuristic" look that is sure to delight dart players around the world. These commercial dart machines can be used for commercial use or set on free play for the home game room.


19" LCD Display! (NEW) Speed Games Automated league mode Download league configurations.
Download league standings.
Network multiple machines Setup mode.
Attract Screens Customized "WIN" screens.
Missed dart detector.
Backwards compatibility.
Modem call out Simplified network configuration.


Good visibility A new challenge for players.
Easier for operators and players.
No league cards.
Secured league collection.
Great connectivity.
Easy customization.
A simple way to advertise.
Player recognition.
More accurate play.
Continue using existing machines.
Less competition for phone lines.

Assembled Dimensions: 83"H x 28"W x 22"D

Used Arachnid Galaxy 2.5 Coin Op Dart Game Machine
Price $1,995.00 plus shipping and handling. Call for availability and shipping cost.

soft tip house darts Replacement house darts for electronic dart machines. Feature durable plastic flights, brass body and soft tip. Available in blue, red and green. Price is per dart so select quantity wanted below.
Replacement Soft Tip House Dart
Price $1.50

quarter dimple soft dart tip 100 replacement 1/4" dimpled soft dart tips. Most common size, fits most darts including those sold above. High quality, American made dart tips.
100 1/4 Inch Dimpled Soft Dart Tips
Price $10.95


2ba keypoint soft dart tip 100 replacement 2BA Keypoint soft dart tips. These high quality American made tips are smaller 3/16" screw tips.
100 2BA Keypoint Soft Dart Tips
Price $10.95


dart tool Soft dart tip removal tool used to remove broken tips that are lodged in soft tip dart boards.
Soft Dart Tip Removal Tool
Price $11.95


bull line dart throwing line The Bull Starts Here, heavy vinyl, self-stick dart shooting line. 24" long and can be used for soft and steel dart shooting..
The Bull Starts Here Dart Throwing Line
Price $6.95


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