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Tractor Time Crane Machine

Tractor Time Video showing this great crane machine in action.

OK Manufacturing Tractor Time skill claw crane machine is made especially for kids. Tractor Time allows kids to excavate and win candy and prizes. It can hold approximately 100 small 5" crane plush or beanie toys, or fill it with candy and watch as kids and adults alike line up to excavate candy and prizes again and again! Kids of any age, even as young as 2 years old can play and love Tractor Time. Players simply press the bright green button and let the tractor do the rest. The tractor will lower its arm into the rotating prize pit and retrieve a prize, swinging it over to the prize chute and releasing it. Tractor Time allows you to hear the roar of the tractor as it rotates side to side and then scoop up a load of prizes, candy, plush or whatever else you choose to vend. Tractor Time crane machine was #1 in the Crane and Rotary category in a Play Meter Magazine Poll and is a game kids will play over and over again.

Features Include:

REPORTED ROI: $214 Weekly!
Proven Success in Bowling Alleys, Family Restaurants, Sports Bars, Bar & Grills, Arcades, Waterparks, Movie Theaters, Amusement Parks, Skating Rinks, Sports Arenas, Pizza Shops, Campgrounds, Family Entertainment Centers, Laundromats, Travel Stations, Big Box Retailers, Golf/Mini Golf Courses, Zoos, Traditional and Non-traditional Crane Locations and many more!
Programmable Single Play or Play 'til You Win.
Accomodates a Variety of Prizes, Including Plush, Novelties, Balls, Capsules & Candy.
Great Sound Effects.
Suitable for All Ages.
Small Footprint!
Solid Metal Cabinet.
Custom Logos Available.
Built in the USA.
Dimensions: 28"w x 36"d x 64"h, Weight: 300 lbs.
Bill acceptor is optional. Call for quantity discounts.

Tractor Time Crane Machine
Price $2,795.00 plus shipping and handling. Optional bill acceptor is $250.00. Call us toll free at 985-845-7146 to get a shipping quote and to order this machine.


"I have operated amusement redemption games on a fleet of ferry boats for over 35 years. I have plush crane games on all the boats. They each do an average of $250 a week during the summer season. The coast guard told me to remove a plush crane on one of my ferry boats after having it there for many years! It really hurt me to lose that money. They said the problem was with size. My crane was interfering with the air conditioning. So I looked at the Tractor Time from OK Manufacturing and I read testimonials from other operators on their web site. I decided to buy a Tractor Time. I installed it and the Coast Guard passed it. It is compact and it's the best thing I've ever done on my route. It is a work horse! It looks great and it's well built. It is virtually maintenance free and it does an average of $350 a week summer months, no exaggeration - really! More than my crane games -- really super. I am putting them on all the ferry boats. I swear by Tractor Time. I run 1" and 2" capsules, rotary dishes with watches, jewelry and iPods. I run $1 per play, one play per vend. It picks up 1" capsules mostly. This costs me much less than plush and I see many five dollar bills every week in my acceptor that tells me there is repeat play. Great Investment, a must for your route! You will not regret it. Ron Amato, Owner: New Century Arcade, NY

"This is a great revenue maker! It's one of my #1 games. This thing is hot!" Robert Coons, Oski Corp., Reno NV

"We've started to put Tractor Time in our restaurant locations. We already have got candy cranes in the locations and we have noticed that the Tractor Time has been a great addition for our incremental bottom line revenue, averaging around $800 per month." Eric Friedlander, TNT Amusement, Dallas TX

"We have been able to replace a lot of equipment with the Tractor Time merchandiser and that has enabled us to capture a larger kids market. We have added revenue, not just replaced or maintained it, by using this game to appeal to a broader demographic." Jerry Johnston, Amusements Unlimited

“The great thing about Tractor Time is that it is a toy! A toy that gives away prizes— kids just love to play with it.” Greg Minter, TipTop Amusement, Inc.

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