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Table Tennis Rackets - Ping Pong Rackets

Complete line of table tennis playing rackets and accessories for sale to meet every player's skill level and price need. We have everything from starter paddle and ball sets to professional players rackets by Stiga and others. Stiga manufactures a line of table tennis rackets designated by numbers with the highest quality models having higher numbers and starter paddles having lower numbers.

outdoor table tennis racket

Outdoor Weather-proof Table Tennis Racket
Inverted Surface
Comfortable Handle
Available in Green & Blue

Price $24.95

stiga tempest 30 ping pong paddle

Stiga 30 Tempest Racket
Inverted Surface With Sponge
Concave Handle, 5 Ply Construction

Price $10.95


stiga aspire ping pong paddle

Stiga Aspire Table Tennis Racket
Inverted Surface With 1.5mm Rubber
Concave Handle, 5 ply Construction

Price $12.95


stiga performance 2 player ping pong paddle set

Stiga Performance 2 Player Set
2 Rackets With Concave Handles
5 ply Blade With Inverted Surface
3 orange 3 star table tennis balls

Price $26.95


stiga classic 2 player ping pong paddle set

Stiga Classic 2 Player Set
2 Hardbat Style Rackets
Straight Handles, 5 Ply Blade Pips Out
3 White 1 Star Balls

Price $14.95


Quality tennis table rackets are made out of special light weight materials and construction techniques such as hollow handles to reduce mass and enable players to make lightning fast shots. Every gram of weight saved in weight can help in speeding up the reflex response to the ball. These high end rackets are specially balanced and have special rubber and sponge contact area facings that provide the player with varying degrees of ball speed and spin. These rubber facings generally are made up of little fingers, bumps or what is referred to as pips. Tournament quality rackets have contact facings made up of special softer rubber with the pips facing in and cushioned with a special density foam pad allowing various degrees of ball sensitivity and spring back action. Although the surface of these paddles are usually flat, the special high tack rubber allows maximum friction or contact with the ball and the sponge enhances speed with its spring back action.

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