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Arachnid DiscGlo Shuffle Shuffleboard Game

discglo shuffle virtual shuffleboard game

Virtal Arachnid DiscGlo Shuffle game is a new small size video rebound shuffleboard game that is taking the world by storm. DiscGlo Shuffle is a smaller rebounding shuffleboard that only takes up 1/4 of the floor space of a conventional size shuffleboard table and provides even greater excitement. The cabinet is part shuffleboard and part videogame and the top cabinet lights up and flashes different colors when not in play. During play the top cabinet changes to a different color for each player. Players launch a real-life puck across an abbreviated shuffleboard-style playfield toward the back of the cabinet, where a sensor tracks its speed and trajectory then projects that via a virtual puck onto the flat screen video monitor. Players experience the real look and feel of a conventional shuffleboard table in a compact size. Super Shuffle has 10 game options including Knock Off 11, Knock Off 15, Leader Of The Puck, First To 21, Crazy Shuffle, Classic Bowling, Classic Bowling Pro, Split Second Bowling, Split Second Bowling Pro and Big Ballz.

Arachnid DiscGlo Shuffle Shuffleboard Game features include:

* Molded, Rugged Cabinet that is only 5 1/2' long and can fit almost anywhere.
* Requires No Wax - Ever! and No Climate Adjusting Needed.
* Large LCD, Color Monitor.
* HotButton Convienence.
* Can't Play It For Free.
* Uses a Real Puck, No Trackball.
* Hi-Speed Wireless, Web Ready.
* Automated Scoring, no Miss-Scores or Cheating.
* Paperless Leagues, League Leader Ready with Player Rating System Built In.
* Handles Up to 4 Players / Teams.
* Tournament Chart Included.
* Dimensions are height: 66", width: 31", depth: 40", weight: 245 Lbs.

Arachnid DiscGlo Shuffle Coin Operated Shuffleboard Game
Price $3,995.00 plus shipping and handling. Optional marque upgrade is $200.00 & optional bill acceptor is $300.00. Call us at (985)-845-7146 for a free shipping quote or to order this game.

Arachnid DiscGlo Shuffle Non-Coin Operated Home Shuffleboard Game
Price $3,795.00 plus shipping and handling. Optional marquee upgrade is $200.00. Call us at (985)-845-7146 for a free shipping quote or to order this game.

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