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Standard MCM100 Mini Change Machine

standard change maker mcm100 front loading change machine mcm100 token mini change machine Standard Change Makers MCM100 Mini Change Machine for sale provides low cost exchanging of bills to coins. The "MINI" is a low-cost countertop bill to coin changer. The new Modular MINI Series coin changer provides several convenient solutions in a low-cost, simple function bill changer. It is perfect for countertop applications in amusement, small vending areas, and bars that have arcade games and billiard tables.

The MCM100 offers a 14 gauge steel cabinet with a keyed cam lock on the top lid. It features a CoinCo VantageĀ® with 500 bill stacker and $1 & $5 acceptance. The MC mini coin hopper holds 1,600 quarters ($400) and can be tilted forward for full dumping operations.

The "Mini" change machine can be attached to a countertop or an optional vending base. Or you can attach the supplied plastic feet and place it by a cash register or POS terminal. This machine is versatile and can be used in a variety of attended businesses to provide better convenience for your customers.

Dispensing Capacities: Quarters or Tokens (1,600) or $400.00. Contact us with your token size.
Validator Acceptance $1, $5 with optional $10, and $20's Validator Stacker Capacity 500 bills.
Dimensions: 10 3/4"H x 13 5/8"W x 13 5/16" D. 40 pounds
Can be mounted on a counter or use with optional base available below.

MCM100 Mini Countertop Changer
Price $1295.00 with free shipping and handling within the 48 states.

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