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Standard MC900-TIK Ticket Vending Machine

mc550rl-tik ticket vending machine Standard Change Makers MC900-TIK Ticket Vending Machine accepts bills and vends fan-folded tickets directly to your customers. MC900-TIK vendor is a simple-function, high capacity ticket changer that can be used in Carnival, Fair or Amusement locations to help provide ride and game tickets for your patrons. These machines can be placed close to Ticket Booths at locations around your park or midway, and give customers convenient access to purchasing tickets, without hiring additional attendants. The machines can be set up to accept Cash, Credit Cards or both. The design provides lots of variety and versatility in meeting your business needs. Eliminate long lines and labor problems by letting your customers buy tickets from these machines! MC900-CC: Simple-function, high capacity ticket dispensers - holds up to 8,000 fanfold tickets. Refit with a 2” ticket dispenser and double your capacity by dispensing tickets side-by-side. For more capacity, the Intelli-Dual or Intelli-Triple Ticket dispenser allow up to 24,000 fanfold tickets in a smaller footprint. The MC900 also allows some added coin hoppers capacity for change or token dispense. Optional credit card acceptance also available.

* Front Load Console configuration for Cash to Ticket & Coin (or Tokens) dispense.
* (1) Entropy 1.156" wide Ticket Dispenser - with cassette holds up to 8,000 fanfold tickets.
* (1) Pyramid Bill Acceptor with 1,000 bill Stacker (Other brands available).
* (1) Standard Modular steel Smart Mega-Hopper - holds 10,000 Qtrs. ($2,500 capacity).
* Heavy duty, steel console cabinet with (3) T-handle Locks and Ace plugs - includes locked storage area under the changer.
* High gloss, powder coat enamel paint finish with tough Lexan graphics decal.
* OPTIONAL Credit Card acceptance includes: (1) Weatherproof Mag-stripe Card Reader and Dial-Up POS Device.
* Two Year Limited Warranty & ETL certified in accordance with UL and CSA standards.
* Height 50", Width 28", Depth 18" Shipping Weight 380 lbs. Accepts $1 / $5 / $10 / $20 / optional credit card

This ticket vendor can be customized to vend many different ways depending on your needs. Call 985-845-7146 for price on customized MC900-TIK Ticket Vendor.

redemption tickets Pack of 2000 fan folded and numbered redemption tickets used in redemption games, ticket dispensers and other devices.

Pack of Redemption Tickets
Price $5.95

Case of 30 packs of 2000 fan folded and numbered redemption tickets used in redemption games, ticket dispensers and other devices. 60,000 tickets total. Call for special colors or quantity prices.
Case of 30 Packs of Redemption Tickets
Price $129.95

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