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Shelti Pro Foos II, III, 200 Foosball Tables

Shelti foosball tables we have for sale are the foosball players choice for professional, competition quality game tables. Shelti's Pro Foos III and Pro Foos II foosball tables are deigned for competition level players, while the Foos II and Foos 200 are home recreation foos tables. The Shelti coin operated foosball table provides businesses with a commercial game table that can generate high profits.
shelti pro foos III foosball table The Shelti Pro Foos III foosball table is the equivalent to the model installed in bars, arcades, competition halls, and other commercial establishments around the country and is available as a non coin operated or coin operated foosball table. All Shelti foosball tables feature the materials, construction and durability found in commercial use tables, including; solid-core legs, centerless ground urathane balls and patented Shelti counterbalanced man. Unlock the cabinet, and the upper portion hinges up to access the ball-return chute and primary components. Secure the top to the bottom again and it becomes a single, reinforced and precise structure. Larger solid-core legs, commercial-duty .156" QPQ rods, reinforced playfield, and an enclosed bottom coupled with all the Shelti high-play-performance features make the Pro Foos III an easy choice for professional players. Length: 55 1/4" Width: 30" Height: 36" Apron: 17 1/2" Weight: 375 lbs.
Shelti Pro Foos III Foosball Table
Price $1,999.00 with free shipping and handling within the lower 48 states.

shelti pro foos II foosball table A quality foosball table has to be every bit as capable as the people playing it. It has to respond to every touch of its handles perfectly, performing identically from rod-to-rod, man-to-man, and within every ball-contacting square inch of its play surface. It must be capable of shooting full force, delivering the ball precisely where directed, and reacting with total predictability to player commands, day after day. That’s precisely what the Pro Foos II is built to do. Mahogany finish cabinet, 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" solid core plastic legs, case-hardened and machine-trued QPQ heat-treated steel rods with wood handles, as well as rugged ABS Polymer men mean that you won't find a better-playing, more capable, thoroughly quality table at this price. Length: 55 1/4" Width: 30" Height: 36" Apron: 17 1/2" Weight: 255 lbs.
Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe Model CS-D-FM Foosball Table
Price $1,529.00 with free shipping and handling within the lower 48 states.


shelti foos II foosball table This Shelti Pro Foos II foosball table has the same quality features as the Pro Deluxe table above except that it has chrome rods with black plastic handles and 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" solid core plastic legs. Length: 55 1/4" Width: 30" Height: 36" Apron: 17 1/2" Weight: 255 lbs.
Shelti Pro Foos II Model CS-B-FM Foosball Table
Price $1,399.00 with free shipping and handling within the lower 48 states.


shelti 1 man goalie retrofit kit Shelti 1-Man Goalie Retrofit Kit. Convert your 3-man goalie foosball table into the classic 1-man style of the 70's. Kit comes complete with (4) Ramps, (4) Spirol Pins, (4) Bumpers and (4) Bumper Locks which replace the men.
Shelti 1-Man Goalie Retrofit Kit
Price $69.95 with free shipping and handling within the lower 48 states.


All Shelti foosball tables share the following features:

Precisely Sized and Angled Foot. 880-tooth grip consistently 3/16" atop the field for optimum ball capture and control, front and back. Sharp foot edge allows for controlled bank shots.

Ultra-Smooth Chrome Plated Rods. High-carbon tubular steel competition .120" rods. Mirror-Finish Chrome Plated, Steel Rods. Triple-plating of copper, nickel, and final bright chrome. Smooth action, durable.

3-Man Goalie Full field play. Optional classic one man goalie kit also available. Order above.

Double-Wound Spirol Pins lock men and handles to rods for no slop.

Stay-In-Play Field Trim provides very slight rise along playfield walls so balls can't come to rest. Full-Perimeter Playfield Support. Playfield sleeved into slots on side and goal walls for consistently rigid/responsive play.

Injection Molded, Grit-Abraded Urathane Balls for enhanced ball control.

1" or 1 1/2" Nylon Rod Bushings, long wearing, nylon composite. Precision sized to rods, nominal bushing-to-rod contact surface minimizes friction.

Unique Lock On Men Compression Bumpers won't walk on rod. Natural rubber cushions playfield walls. High Strength ABS Construction Men.

Other features include: Ball Server with Ball Hold Recess, Dual End-Apron Ball Returns and Rattle Board sounds goal made.

Include: 3 Balls, Pin Punch & Rod Support Block, "Super Lube" Rod Oil, Warranty Registration, Rules Poster, Assembly Instructions, Extra Parts: 1 black man, 1 red man, 1 ball, 1 bushing, 1 bumper and 2 wrenches.

Complete line of arcade game machines and equipment for coin operated business operations, game operators and home game rooms. These arcade games can provide an opportunity for you to operate your own full or part time amusement game business and small business owners can add coin operated arcade game machines to their current business for additional income. Owners of restaurants, laundry mats, or any business with walk-in customers can profit from the operation of coin operated game equipment while entertaining their customers. These amusement games also make great additions to family game rooms and we are able to provide everything from home arcade games to a complete line of game room accessories. Home game rooms are a great way to keep families together and kids safely at home. Whether you are looking for new or used arcade games, we have it and can make you and your family the envy of your neighbors. A few of the arcade machines we carry are video arcade games, game tables, pinball machines, jukeboxes, claw crane machines, prize merchandisers and kiddie rides. Many of these games are available used and all make desirable additions to any home or commerical game room.

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