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Semacon S-1450C Bank Grade Currency Counters

semacon S-1450c bank grade bill counter Semacon S-1450C High-Speed Currency Counter we have for sale is designed for medium to very high level usage volumes. This S-1450C bill counter features a shaker system to keep bills seperated and loose for trouble free counting and also has a dust reduction system and dust shield to protect the operator from dust and dirt produced from the counting process. Like all the S-1400C series bill counters from Semacon, this currency counter has an advanced feed system with four counting speeds including (600/900/1200/1500 notes per minute) to allow the handling of any condition bill fast and accurate. The S-1450C bill counter has a user friendly design, batch stop setting, 10 button numeric keyboard and carrying handle. Switchable choice of 110 or 220 volt power. This counter can now be ordered to count the new Canadian Polymer banknotes even when mixed with the older paper banknotes. Select option when ordering. Other features of the S-1450C currency counter include: counting mode, adding mode, batching range from 1 to 999, error detection, size detection, memory, dust reduction system, dust shield and advanced Counterfeit Detection System designed to search for and pinpoint suspect counterfeit bank notes using Ultraviolet (UV) and Magnetic Counterfeit Detection. Dual MG (Magnetic Ink) detection heads with adjustable sensitivity levels for detecting magnetic ink on new bills. Friction roller system, Hopper Capacity 200 - 300 pieces (approx.), Stacker Capacity 200 pieces (approx.), Countable Note Size from 90x50 to 185 x 100mm, Dimensions 10.5" W x 10" Dx 9.5" H, Net Weight Approx. 13 Lbs. ,Power Source USA Model: 110 VAC / 60 Hz, International Model: 220 VAC / 50 Hz.
Semacon 1450c Bank Grade Currency Counter
Price $895.00 with free shipping and handling within the 48 states.

semacon currency counter control panel These Semacon bank grade counters are so advanced in design, they're actually simple to use! These currency counters control panels are one of the simplest to use in the industry. While simple to use, these bank grade counters maintain all the sophisticated features that are both expected and demanded by such heavy users such as banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. dust cover Each unit includes a protective storage cover to keep dust off of your counter between uses.
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