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Rock-Ola CD Jukeboxes

Rock-Ola CD Jukeboxes For Sale including the Bubbler, Gazelle, Peacock, Harley-Davidson and Jack Daniels Jukeboxes. These Rockola Reproduction Jukeboxes of famous models from the past feature great nostalgic classic styling while utilizing the most sophisticated technology available today.

Rock Ola CD jukeboxes feature:

Peavey's new all professional-grade solid state amplifier produces almost no heat and pumps out 1600 watts of power.
5-Speaker, Dual 3-Way system for "Live" Performance Reproduction.
Phillips CD Player with self adjusting laser.
The gain controls with LED indicators are conveniently at the back of the cabinet.
Walnut, African Satinwood, Oak, Poplar and Alder hardwoods, real chrome metal trim.
Multiple bubble tubes (varies by model). Motor-driven color cylinders.
Custom-built industrial mechanism.
100 CD capacity magazine for end less hours of music pleasure.
Coin operated or "free play" operation. Single or album play.
Two-Zone volume control allows you to control two speaker zones.
Graphic equalizer ensures peak settings to suit your tastes.
Convenient speaker connections on back cabinet.
Deluxe Remote Control.
Optional accessories include iPod kit that is compatible with standard iPods. Easy to install and includes IR remote, CD Playlist album holds 100 CD jacket covers and title strips.
Dimensions: 33"W x 27"D x 60"H 63"H with wood carvings. Weight 300 Lbs approximately.

Rock-Ola Bubbler CD Jukebox

rockola bubbler cd jukebox The Rock-Ola Bubbler jukebox is the most popular jukebox of all times and has been meticulously reproduced in Rock-Ola's Series V Bubbler. The bubbles of air perk merrily to the top of the 8-bubble tubes, while a kaleidoscope of colors flows through the translucent plastics. It's the 50's all over again when the changer flips the CD right down in front of you. The Rockola Bubbler jukebox has 10 cabinet trim pieces made out of genuine die cast metal, triple plated with copper, nickel and polished chrome. With quality in mind, only the finest hardwoods adorn this beauty. The hand-crafted quality of the bubbler jukebox is a tradition Rock-Ola proudly continues. Cabinet finish is available in Walnut, Oak or Black colors.

Rock-Ola CD Bubbler Jukebox
Call for pricing. Call us at 985-845-7146 for a shipping quote and to order this jukebox.

Rock-Ola Gazelle CD Jukebox

rockola gazelle cd jukebox Rock-Ola's recreation of the collectors dream is the Gazelle CD jukebox. The rarest of jukebox wonders was the elegant wartime machine, of which only a few hundred were ever made. The Rockola Gazelle jukebox features art deco mermaids blowing trumpets above two leaping gazelles etched in mirrored glass panels below. The Gazelles are brillantly illuminated with ever changing colors. The front door is finished in buried elm and African satinwood. All the craftsmanship of a classic in a professional jukebox.

Rock-Ola Gazelle CD Jukebox
Call for pricing. Call us at 985-845-7146 for a shipping quote and to order this jukebox.

Rock-Ola Peacock CD Jukebox

rockola peacock cd jukebox Many collectors consider the Peacock the most elegant of the Bubbler series of jukeboxes. The Rockola Peacock CD jukebox is considered the most beautiful jukebox of all time and includes all the classic features. Six bubble tubes, rotating colors in the side column, and the incredible "polarization of light" in which every feather in the Peacock plumes changes color independently from the feather next to it. The beauty of the Peacock is equalled only by the quality of its sound. The bird on Rockola's Peacock jukebox will sing all of your favorite songs from its four channel stereo sound system.

Rock-Ola Peacock CD Jukebox
Call for pricing. Call us at 985-845-7146 for a shipping quote and to order this jukebox.

Rock-Ola Harley Davidson CD Jukebox

rockola harley davidson cd jukebox The Rock-Ola Harley Davidson American Legend jukebox, licensed by the Harley-Davidson Company, is popular world wide. The American Eagle sets the theme for this iconic Nostalgic jukebox featuring illuminated custom-screened glass panels, arch lighting and pilasters. Intricate, expertly finished woodwork and molded accents at shoulder and crown distinguish the Harley-Davidson Nostalgic from the "rest of the pack". Incredible sound quality with dual stereo amplifier and 5-speaker, dual 3-way system for "Live" performance reproduction.

Rock-Ola Harley-Davidson CD Jukebox
Call for pricing. Call us at 985-845-7146 for a shipping quote and to order this jukebox.

Rock-Ola Jack Daniels CD Jukebox

rockola jack daniels cd jukebox Two major icons of American ingenuity and leisure culture combine in the festive Jack Daniels CD Jukebox. Bubble tubes on the sides and door front provide a mellow rhythm to the rotating and illuminated Jack Daniels pilasters. With its warm hues, luxurious exotic wood veneers and distinctive “Old No. 7” logo etched in the glass, the new jukebox is a perfect addition to home recreation room or bar. The Jack Daniels Nostalgic CD Jukebox joins the Harley-Davidson Nostalgic jukeboxes in celebration of the “rugged individualist” Americans who followed their passions and poured their souls into the making of distinctive, hand-crafted products. Steadfast in their values, each of the brands – Jack Daniels, Harley-Davidson and Rock-Ola – have famously refused to capitulate to market pressure and sacrifice their respective products’ integrity. These values have elevated each of the brands in international status and have come to symbolize uncompromising quality and reliability the world over.

Rock-Ola Jack Daniels CD Jukebox
Call for pricing. Call us at 985-845-7146 for a shipping quote and to order this jukebox.

Rock-Ola 90th Anniversary CD Bubbler Jukebox

rockola 90th Anniversary CD bubbler jukebox More Information

The Rockola 90th Anniversary Bubbler jukebox has a limited production run of just 100 units, each of which is individually numbered. The Cabinet, Door, Keyboard, Mechanism, and Mechanism Sideboards are finished in Brushed Aluminum. It also differs visually from the standard model by virtue of its clear acrylic panels. The effect of replacing the regular opaque covers with these is to give the jukebox an unprecedented sharp, clean look which really stands out.

100 CD Capactity Magazine
2 x 450 Watts Amplifier
5-Speaker, Dual 3-Way System for "Live" Performance Reproduction
Dual volume controls for jukebox and external speakers
Philips CD Player
Self-Adjusting Laser
Bluetooth for streaming wireless music
Remote Control included
Durable and energy efficient LED lighting
Limited Edition. Only 100 Built worlwide
Electrical: 90-250 Volts (50/60 Hz)
Dimensions: 60"H x 33"W x 27"D (160H x 85B x 70D cm)
Weight: 300 lbs. approx

Rock-Ola 90th Anniversary CD Bubbler Jukebox
Call for pricing. Call us at 985-845-7146 for a shipping quote and to order this jukebox.

Rock-Ola Wallette

rockola wallette cd selector These 50's diner-style, counter-top wallette wall boxes are sure to be a hit. Play all your favorite tunes from anywhere there's a Rock-Ola "Wallette" selector! The wallettes are used with the hideaway jukebox above or any Rock-Ola CD jukebox. These wallettes are not a jukebox, but provide a auxillary location to accept coins and allow selection of songs. Great for restaurants, other rooms in a house or anywhere you need to control your primary Rock-Ola jukebox. Features include Real Chrome-plated, die-cast metal cabinet, Lighted Plastic pilaster, Lighted Selector Buttons, Integrated Stereo Speakers, Holds 50 or 100 title cards, Connects to any Rock-Ola CD Jukebox, Available in Red, Yellow and Harley-Davidson orange. 14" H x 18" W x 7" D

Rock-Ola Wallette
Call for pricing. Call us at 985-845-7146 for a shipping quote and to order this jukebox.

Replacement remote for Rock-Ola CD jukeboxes.
Call for pricing.

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