Jukeboxes Can Offer Endless Entertainment At Home

Do you remember when the jukebox was the king of musical entertainment at the malt shop, lounge or your favorite hang out. You would put a dime in the coin slot for one selection or a quarter for three selections. Selecting E7 or some other combination of letters and numbers to pick your favorite hits. Whether it was do-wop, rock n roll, or country you looked forward to a snack and your favorite music. There was something magical about being able to select your own music in the order and preference of your choosing that beat out hearing music over the radio. If you are looking to recreate those experiences in your own home, then purchasing your own jukebox is definitely the way to go.

Money Machines has a complete line of both new and used jukeboxes that would be perfect for any home. When selecting a new jukebox, you need to know what style and what playing media jukebox you want. We can help with your choice of jukebox styles including modern, vintage reproduction, round top, table top or Bubbler style jukeboxes. Your choice of music playing medias include 45 rpm vinyl records, CDs, digital and iPod compatible jukeboxes.

The most popular jukeboxes are the round top bubbler jukeboxes that Wurlitzer made popular in the 1940’s. These vintage reproduction jukeboxes feature the signature trademark of bubbles floating to the top of its bubble tubes with ever changing colors passing through translucent front plastic columns. And no one can resist the watching as the changer mechanism flips the 45 record or CD right down in front of you as the platter spins out great selections of your favorite music.

When looking to buy affordable used jukeboxes, the source of your jukebox is essential. Ebay may offer some great machines at low prices, but you have no way of knowing how well maintained the jukebox electronics and other vital components have been. Even if everything operates flawlessly, a jukebox that has not been maintained and well checkout before purchase has the potential of causing problems that could cost more to repair and maintain in the future. Because of this, you will want to consider a used jukebox from a distributor such as Money Machines that takes the time to ensure that the jukeboxes they sell have been properly cared for and are properly prepared for your family game room.

Turning to someone who knows and loves their business is always the best way to make a purchase. Not only do we sell arcade game equipment, we stock parts and service all types of game room equipment in our shop in Madisonville, Louisiana and can help with your parts and service needs. We will work hard to ensure your satisfaction long after the sale has taken place. Feel free to check out our online selection of jukeboxes or give us a call at 866-735-7146 to learn how we can help you find the right new or used jukebox to provide your home with endless musical entertainment!

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