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Rear Loading Credit Card Change Machines

Rear Loading and Servicing Change Machines for sale that dispense tokens or coins and accept Credit Cards for payment. These high capacity rear load changers accept credit cards in exchange for coins or tokens and are perfect for arcades, car washes, washaterias, carnival locations, and other high traffic businesses. These changers service from the back and mount in a wall for better security and to keep prying eyes from seeing changing operations. Each feature an LCD display that offers instructions and feedback to the customer and 4-Button Package payouts, or 3-Button Pulse payouts in which the owner can customize the price and number of tokens dispensed. They have a weather-proof card reader that has two-way mag stripe recognition, and Modular Series Hoppers that hold 5,200, 6,400 or 10,400 quarter-sized tokens. These change machines are monitored and controlled by the Expanded Function Module. This EF Module gives the owner the ability to re-program his payout packages, check the transactions and audits, and program the optional Receipt & Audit Printer. These new change machines work on dial-up Host processing, using the DataTran 162SL POS Terminal device. High-speed internet Host processing is also available for cable-modem or DSL lines. Accepting credit card payments has never been easier! With these new changers you will have more flexibility in providing payment options, more satisfied customers and increased revenues.

mc315rl-cc rear loading credit card change machine
Standard MC315RL-CC
Change Machine
Price $4,095.00

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mc525rl-cc rear loading credit card change machine
Standard MC525RL-CC
Change Machine
Price $4,895.00

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mc535rl-cc rear load credit card changer
Standard MC535RL-CC
Change Machine
Price $4,995.00

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