Willards Nickel Cue Tip Scuffer Tool


Get the same perfect nickel shape cue tip every time with the Willard Nickel Cue Tip Shaper.


Get the same perfect shape every time with the Willard Nickel Cue Tip Shaper. The Willard Shaper has a dome-shaped interior to round out your tip, and the gauge on the side is used to measure and check the shape. Shapes tip to nickel radius of .415 radius or 10.5mm. The hole in the side makes it easy to carry on your key chain or in your cue case. Disc is 1 1/2″ in diameter.

Complete line of tools used to maintain and repair your pool cue including tip shapers, tip piks, tip scrapers, rougheners and more. We carry the most popular name brand cue tip tools including Cue Cubes, Tip Piks, Bow Tie, Its George, Ultimate Tip Tool, Super Slippy Tip Tool and more. Each tool can fit in your pocket and is designed to maintain tips so that there is no slip, sliding or other bad english transferred to the ball during play.

Additional information

Weight.1 lbs

12mm, 13 mm


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