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The Rock-Ola Bubbler Peacock MC (Music Center) digital jukebox is the next generation in luxury music systems for the home.

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The Rock-Ola Bubbler Peacock MC (Music Center) digital jukebox is the next generation in luxury music systems for the home. This digital jukebox is a full-service music management system that allows you to load, organize, and play your CD music collection with a touch of your finger.

It can hold up to 2,800 CDs – or about 40,000 songs – on the 160GB hard drive. The Digital Peacock is easier to use than a traditional CD jukebox, as there are no title pages to type and load. Simply load your CDs, and the album art and title data appear on the touchscreen automatically. Just touch a song title, drag it to the playlist, and the music starts instantly.

The Rock-Ola Peacock is a replica of one of the most popular round-top jukebox of all times. The Rock-Ola Peacock jukebox cabinet is made out of the finest hardwoods including walnut, satinwood, alder, poplar and white oak hardwoods. All 19 metal trim pieces are genuine die cast metal, triple plated with copper, nickel and polished chrome. The bubbles of air perk merrily to the top of the bubble tubes, while a kaleidoscope of colors flows through the translucent plastics.

Dimensions: Height: 61″, Width: 33.5″, Depth: 23″, Weight: 375 Lbs.

MSRP is $9,250.00. Call us at 985-845-7146 for your lowest unadvertised pricing and to order this jukebox.

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Rock-Ola Music Center Demonstration Video
Rockola Music Center Jukebox Tour

Jukebox Tour | Moneymachines.comHere’s How it Works: A CD is loaded into the jukebox’s DVD drive. A broadband internet connection immediately locates and downloads all CD information – including the cover art – free! The CD is automatically loaded to the music system hard drive. Home-made compilations and self-recorded music may also be loaded – the touchscreen allows manual input of information not otherwise available. The stored CD information becomes the on-screen jukebox catalog.

Browse your music collection by Artist, Album, Genre, and more! Double tap any song for a 7 second preview. To play a track, touch a song title and drag it to the playlist. Move any song to the top of the playlist. Create and store multiple playlists with a theme – play the entire album or just a tune. Build custom playlists manually and save them for future enjoyment or sync with MP3 player. Let the Music Center create playlists automatically from your library based on Theme, Tone, Style, or Era, using the built-in Tapestry tm interface.

Features of the Rock-Ola Music Center jukeboxes include:

A terabyte hard drive will hold 15,000 full CDs depending on compression preference.

The cabinet is 5″ smaller in dept than our CD models. 19″ touchscreen with SATA Techology for even faster and more efficient loading.

Automatically acquire album data from the AMG Network – including cover art, track details, even album reviews.

Supports music import from USB devices. Supports a variety of quality compression options, including near-CD quality compression (WMA formats).

Music Center is always current – updates and new features are added during the maintenance cycle – at no additional charge!

Peavey’s new all solid state amplifier produces almost no heat and pumps out 1600 watts of power.

The gain controls with LED indicators are conveniently at the back of the cabinet. Two-Zone volume control allows you to customize your Music Center system with external speakers.

5-Band graphic equalizer has on-screen control and ensures peak settings to suit your tastes. The user-managed SoftFade tm engine delivers incredibly smooth cross-fade and soft volume transitions in multiple modes.

Password protection options control access to volume, settings and playlists. Music Center syncs playlists to your MP3 device and rips custom CDs to allow you to take your music with you.

Audio Output connectors allow you to play your MP3 device through the Music Center system.

Add the Music Center to your home PC network for even more music using file sharing features. Customize the Screen Saver with your photos and artwork!

For free play home use only. Not for commercial establishments.

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Weight 400 lbs


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