Rock-Ola Peacock CD Jukebox

Many collectors consider the Peacock the most elegant of the Bubbler series of jukeboxes with the Rock-Ola Peacock CD jukebox the most beautiful.


Many collectors consider the Peacock the most elegant of the Bubbler series of jukeboxes. The Rock-Ola Peacock CD jukebox is considered the most beautiful jukebox of all time and includes all the classic features. Six bubble tubes, rotating colors in the side column, and the incredible “polarization of light” in which every feather in the Peacock plumes changes color independently from the feather next to it. The beauty of the Peacock is equaled only by the quality of its sound. The bird on Rock-Ola’s Peacock jukebox will sing all of your favorite songs from its four channel stereo sound system. Rock-Ola Peacock CD Jukebox Call for pricing. Call us at 985-845-7146 for a shipping quote and to order this jukebox.

Rock-Ola CD jukeboxes for sale including this Peacock reproduction jukebox of the famous model round top from the past and features great nostalgic classic styling while utilizing the most sophisticated technology available today. Rock Ola CD jukeboxes feature: Peavey’s new all professional-grade solid state amplifier produces almost no heat and pumps out 1600 watts of power. 5-Speaker, Dual 3-Way system for “Live” Performance Reproduction. Phillips CD Player with self adjusting laser. The gain controls with LED indicators are conveniently at the back of the cabinet. Walnut, African Satinwood, Oak, Poplar and Alder hardwoods, real chrome metal trim. Multiple bubble tubes (varies by model). Motor-driven color cylinders. Custom-built industrial mechanism. 100 CD capacity magazine for end less hours of music pleasure. Coin operated or “free play” operation. Single or album play. Two-Zone volume control allows you to control two speaker zones. Graphic equalizer ensures peak settings to suit your tastes. Convenient speaker connections on back cabinet. Deluxe Remote Control. Bluetooth for streaming wireless music. Optional accessories include CD Playlist album holds 100 CD jacket covers and title strips. Dimensions: 33″W x 27″D x 60″H 63″H with wood carvings. Weight 300 Lbs approximately.

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Weight400 lbs


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