Rock-Ola 90th Anniversary CD Bubbler Jukebox

We’re proud to present this very Special Edition of Rock-Ola’s classic CD jukebox, which was created to celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary.


We’re proud to present this very Special Edition of Rock-Ola’s classic CD jukebox, which was created to celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary.

Also featuring for the first time on the 90th Anniversary model is the brushed aluminium cabinet casing and the celebration fireworks graphics on the back panel behind the selector mechanism. All in all it’s a stunning offering from America’s last remaining jukebox manufacturer and a piece that really needs to be seen up close to be truly appreciated. The Rock-Ola 90th Anniversary Bubbler is manufactured by Rock-Ola, creators of the only true authentic, brand new American CD jukebox on the planet. Drawing inspiration from the Wurlitzer 1015, the world’s first ‘original jukebox’, this classic design has endured over 50 years with very few changes, and continues to be one of our most popular products. The Bubbler shares the Wurlitzer’s famous grill, and gets its name from the pockets of air that float to the top of the eight bubble tubes lining the machine, as they slide through numerous deep hypnotizing colors, making the Bubbler as enchanting to the eye as it is to the ear. In addition to its beauty, the Bubbler’s cabinet is durable and robust, and of the best overall quality (attesting to the longevity of its iconic design). It has the honor of having the best sound quality of any new jukebox, with its many innovative features all working in conjunction to bring you perfect sound quality at both high and low volumes. As standard, our AV technicians fit a Bluetooth dongle which allows a remote connection so that it can be paired with any blue tooth music device (e.g. an iPod or iPhone). The Bubbler’s sophisticated 5 internal speakers employ a Dual 3-Way system for ‘Live Performance Reproduction’, creating a sound quality so perfect that you can close your eyes and swear your favorite musicians were playing the music right there in the room with you. The authentic disc loader is modeled closely after the older designs used to play the 45rpm vinyl records in 1950s America, and the 100 Capacity magazine let you to fill the Bubbler to the brim with CD albums of your choice; allowing you to enjoy your favorite artists in perfect quality, from the comfort of your home. It is also possible to link the Bubbler to an existing in-house Integrated Music System, such as Sonos. 100 CD Capacity Magazine 2 x 450 Watts Amplifier 5-Speaker, Dual 3-Way System for “Live” Performance Reproduction Dual volume controls for jukebox and external speakers Philips CD Player Self-Adjusting Laser Bluetooth for streaming wireless music Remote Control included Durable and energy efficient LED lighting Limited Edition. Only 100 Built worldwide Electrical: 90-250 Volts (50/60 Hz) Dimensions: 60″H x 33″W x 27″D (160H x 85B x 70D cm) Weight: 300 lbs. approx

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Weight400 lbs


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