Replacement Merchandise Flap For PN95 and PM Elite Vendors


Replacement merchandise flap for all PN95 and PM Elite vendors

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A & A PN 95 and PM Elite Gumball Candy Vending Machine | moneymachines.comA & A PN95 and PM Elite Gumball/Candy vending machine parts for sale including globes, locks, coin mechanisms, tops and more. You can identify your vendor with the pictures above. The large gumball machine on the left is a A & A PN95 small globe vendor, next is a A & A PN95 large globe vendor, next is a A & A PN large panel vending machine and on the right is the A & A PN95 round globe vendor. Many of these PN95 parts are interchangable between the Northwestern 60 and Super 60 vendors.

We have a large selection of the most commonly needed PN 95 and PM Elite machine parts including replacement lock and keys. Because of the large number of different keys used on these vendors, you must drill out and replace your lock if you no longer have the key.

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