Racking Secrets 2 by Joe Tucker DVD


Joe Tucker’s Racking Secrets II DVD, Joe teaches three newly defined breaking styles and how to use each one.

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Joe Tucker’s original Racking Secrets was one of the best selling DVDs for pool players and dramatically changed the way we think about and execute break shots. Racking Secrets II will help you even more. In the first 28 minutes of this 139 minute DVD, Joe teaches three newly defined breaking styles and how to use each one. You will find a break that makes you happy; gets results; and becomes something you can repeat over and over. In the next section, Joe demonstrates the new items that have come out that make racking more consistent than ever. Then he does his usual job by dissecting the 10-ball rack in detail, showing you what to look for and how to adjust it. He shows how to rack the balls to make the rack either easier or more difficult to run. He shows you which spaces matter and which ones don’t; which ones to worry about and which ones to ignore. You will learn how the balls react and how speed, spin and energy affect the rack. You will learn how to adjust and change the path of the balls. You’ll be amazed at how much control you can apply to a standard 10-ball rack! You’ll even learn what makes the 10-ball fly right into the corner pocket on the break. In the last section, Joe shares the latest updates in managing the 9-ball break so that you make more balls on the break and run-out more often. This is a great DVD! Don’t wait for the competition to get it! Great production values, too.

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